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Details A-Dictionary-of-Art-Titles-The-Origins-of-the-Names-and-Titles-of-3000-Works-of-Art

A Dictionary of Art Titles This dictionary of 3,000 works of art explains the meaning behind the titles. The titles, mostly of paintings and sculpture, but also of some less traditional media, are arranged alphabetically by original title or English title.

23,42 EUR*
Details The-Art-of-Amusing-A-Collection-of-Graceful-Arts-Games-Tricks-Puzzles-and-Charades

The Art of Amusing: A Collection of Graceful Arts, Games, Tricks, Puzzles, and Charades

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Details The-Art-of-Secret-World-of-Arrietty-The-Art-of-Arrietty

Arrietty - The Art of Arrietty From the highly-acclaimed and award winning director of Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away, comes a new animated film that will enchant audiences Full description